Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I Hate Skirts & Dresses

Ok scratch that, I should say I hate wearing skirts and dresses. I detest getting friction on my thighs and the feeling that if the wind blew that everyone could see my underwear. Don't get me wrong, I think there are some dresses and skirts that are cute. I'm just not a fan of wearing them. Until I had an idea!  I saw a tutorial on turning a pair of jeans and an old dress into a cute skirt.I thought it was cute, so since I don't know how to sew really, I thought I'd try. Only instead of cutting off the legs, I made them into shorts! Brilliant right? I have the protection I wanted but still the top of the jeans for the skirt.
found an old pair of jeans and some fabric I liked

Then I decided to begin the  process
first I attempted to make ruffles

then I tried to pin it

after a few finger pricks, a little blood and 2 hours later I was no where close to sewing and gave up. Then I remembered a dress I had(yes I do own dresses, just don't wear them)
Sorry no picture of the dress
Back to square one and I pinned it to the jeans
not too shabby
Then I sewed away and viola!
even added a couple felt flowers I made to hide a little error
I think for my first time it came out cute. You don't even see the leg part underneath and I have the security I can sit anywhere and not worry about visible underwear or rubbing skin(plus size women know what I mean) and I can look girly for once instead of my usual tomboy self. :D

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